I admit, I haven’t been anywhere near meeting the goal of cooking every day, or even most days, for the past few weeks. I don’t really want to go into the reasons for it in any detail, other to say that stress levels have been high and moods have been low. And we’ve had very little time or patience for cooking.

But the cooking is back on an upswing. Last night I made pho, at home, for the first time ever. This super friendly guy at the awesome Korean store helped us get everything we needed, including Thai basil that had been growing in Hawaii the previous morning. (Now, I might have broken my meat rule. The rib eye was cut super thin and was so convenient that, I admit, I didn’t ask whether it came from a grass-fed cow or not. I’m hopeful, since local places often do get locally-raised beef. But I’m not honestly sure. And I’d put money down that the meatballs were CAFO-raised. We’re not going to do the meatballs again, once we use up the ones we bought: the rib eye is better, anyway.) I might post a photo of the jar the “beef stock” came from, so that anyone else who wants to try making pho can do so. 🙂

And we signed up for a CSA again. This one lets you buy a box that they claim feeds just a bit more than 2 people, every other week, and you can add exclusions. I added the heck out of some lettuce and dandelion greens, as well as eggplant (don’t like it), kiwi (super allergic to it), and okra (intimidated by it). We’ll see how it goes, but I’m pretty hopeful. We definitely need to increase our fruit and veggie intake, so the CSA should help.

So, here’s hoping that I’ll get my act together and get more home-cooked food made!